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Dr. Clayton Deborah Susan Forrester is a fictional character on the television series Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K). Named for the hero of the 1953 film The War of the Worlds, Dr. Forrester was the chief mad scientist on the show from its inception in 1988 through the seventh season in 1996, and also appeared in Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie in 1996. He was played by Trace Beaulieu.

Forrester originally worked with fellow "mad" Dr. Laurence Erhardt at the Gizmonic Institute, until they moved their operations to the bowels of Deep 13. He engineered the kidnapping of janitor Joel Robinson, shooting him into space onboard the Satellite of Love.

According to the show's mythos, Dr. Forrester (full name: Clayton Deborah Susan Forrester, perhaps because his mother wanted a daughter; he has referred to himself as Clayton "Stonewall" Forrester and Clayton "Firebrand" Forrester) had been a mad scientist ever since his youth, when he was a member of Evilos (a mad scientist version of Webelos), where he grafted the rear end of a dog onto the rear end of a cat; he has traced his scientific ambitions back to "Oslo...I was found drunk and woozy...scratching the name "Paula Cranston" into my thigh with a nail". Other pivotal moments in his early life include a 1956 visit to "Sun Valley...[where] I was found behind the soft-serve machine, drooling over a picture of Dick Button" (Since Trace Beaulieu was born in 1958, Forrester must thus be at least a decade or so older than the actor who portrayed him.) and a visit to "the Ice Capades, [where] I was hot-riveting my kneecaps to Peggy Fleming's zamboni."

Forrester's high school career was typified by a series of humiliations, presumably contributing to his rather deranged personality. Frequently teased by classmates, he received a "shameful expulsion" from the Chess Club, suffered a "shameful shower incident" during his sophomore year, got rejected by the Swing Choir, was frequently victimized by book-dumpings after typing class, was forced to do power sit-ups in gym, and received "the revulsion, scorn, and rejection of all the pretty girls." At some point, he was struck by lightning, resulting in the white streak in his hair and mustache.

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