Mobile Cop Jiban

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is a Japanese tokusatsu television series which serves as the 8th entry in the Metal Hero franchise, and the first series to have toy commercials that were filmed on Videotape. Produced by Toei and aired by TV Asahi in Japan from January 29, 1989 to January 28, 1990, it ran for 52 episodes and a feature movie aired on July 17, 1989. According to Toei's International Sales & Promotion Department, the series' English title can be referred to as Jiban. Created by Keita Amemiya, the premise for the series combines elements from the American film Robocop and the 1970s tokusatsu Robot Detective.

The opening catchphrase of the series is:

Naoto Tamura, a new detective in Central City, is killed by a Bionoid Monster in the line of duty. Doctor Kenzo Igarashi, a man whose experiments had been responsible for the Bioron syndicate's existence, brought the man back to life as a robot detective, Jiban.

; Naoto Tamura/Mobile Cop Jiban: A human revived as a cyborg by Doctor Igarashi to fight Biolon. He is capable of reverting to his human identity at will. He holds the rank of police commissioner (as a robot) and detective (as human). Jiban's programming enables him to follow these directives:

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