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Joanna Cargill, also known as Frenzy, is a fiction character, a mutant superhuman in the Marvel Comics universe. She has been a member of supervillain groups, including the Alliance of Evil and the Acolytes, as well as the superhero team the X-Men.

Frenzy first appeared in X-Factor #4 (May 1986) as a member of the Alliance of Evil, and was created by Bob Layton and Keith Pollard.

Though Joanna Cargill's first and last name have been spelled with variations such as Johanna or Cargil, her name was first mentioned in Uncanny X-Men #298 as Joanna Cargill. Frenzy should not be confused with another Joanna Cargill, a columnist introduced in Marvel Comics Presents #27.

During a March 2, 2011 Marvel Comics Liveblog, it was revealed that Frenzy is joining X-Men: Legacy in 2011 as a member of Rogue's team of X-Men, alongside Professor X, Magneto, Legion, and Gambit.

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