Gabriel Angelos

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This is a list of characters in Relic's Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War series of video games.

In the game, Brother-Captain Gabriel Angelos is the commander of the Blood Ravens' 3rd Company. He carries a guilty conscience for destroying his homeworld Cyrene (one of the recruiting worlds of the Blood Ravens) and agonizes over this continuously, though he does not often speak of it. Only his battle-brothers of the Blood Ravens truly understand his feelings on the matter. Gabriel himself, like most Imperial Soldiers, distrusts aliens immensely; it is for this reason he shows incredible disdain for the Eldar in his encounters with their leader, Farseer Macha (though in the novels, his disdain for them gradually lessens). He has also grown up with Librarian Isador Akios, whom he trusts immensely.

Captain Angelos makes his return in Dawn of War II. He appears throughout the single-player campaign in briefings, particularly right after the Tyranid invasion on Calderis, aboard the battle barge Litany of Fury (the same one present in Dark Crusade). He only appears as a playable character on the last mission, when the Blood Ravens have successfully injected the poison extracted from the Tyranid Gene Sample, and are clearing the remaining Tyranid forces on Typhon Primaris.

Captain Gabriel Angelos is voiced by Paul Dobson

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