The Wampa

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Wampas are fictional predators of the Star Wars universe.

Wampas are Yeti-like creatures that live on the sixth planet of the Hoth system. Wampas' hands have five fingers, each with one large claw. They also have a horn protruding from either side of their heads that curves and points forward. The Wampa's feet resemble a mix of an elephant's and a polar bear's, in that they do not protrude from the legs and are rather massive. Wampas have sharp teeth and attack with a vicious slash using their massive claws.

Wampas are mainly solitary hunters (and in the Shadows of the Empire video game, often fight each other), but will sometimes join forces to hunt in packs in equally beneficial situations or to eliminate a common threat (such as human settlement). Wampas have limited intelligence and long-lasting memories.

During the events of Star Wars: Clone Wars, Count Dooku tests Asajj Ventress' skill in The Force by pitting her against various alien creatures, a Wampa among them.

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