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David "Dave" Lister, commonly referred to simply as Lister, is a fictional character from the British science fiction situation comedy Red Dwarf, portrayed by Craig Charles. (In the never-aired pilot for the American version of the show, Lister was played by Craig Bierko.)

Lister is normally dressed in a leather jacket and hat, his boiler suit and his lengthy dreadlocks that he grows only from the back of his head. Until series VII, he was presumed to be the last human being alive, due to a radiation leak on the mining ship Red Dwarf which killed the crew while he was in stasis. Holly, the ship's computer, piloted the ship away from Earth and kept Lister in stasis for 3 million years, at which point the radiation levels had again returned to normal and Lister was released. As a crew member of Red Dwarf, Lister and the other characters encountered many strange beings and life-forms, usually of human origin.

An orphan, he was discovered at six weeks old on 26 November 2155, under a pool table in a Liverpool pub (the Aigburth Arms), nestled in a cardboard box with the mysterious word "ouroboros" scribbled on its side. Lister celebrates his birthday on 14 October, "most of the time". Lister is in fact his own father, shown in the episode "Ouroboros" when he fills up a test tube for Kochanski, and then realises after seeing a battery box with an "Ouroboros" logo, that he in fact is the baby in the test tube.

He was adopted by the Wilmot family, but after his adoptive father died when he was six he went to live with Grandma Lister. She was a tough, pipe-smoking woman who once famously headbutted the headmaster of Lister's school when Lister came bottom in French, leading to Lister's expulsion, and whose cooking led to his being nicknamed "Fat Boy" from ages eleven to thirteen. Lister decided to lose weight after his grandmother died when she was hit by a truck, and he was ashamed to find that the coroner had to go back for a second piece of chalk to complete the chalk outline. After his grandmother's death, Lister apparently lived and attended school in an orphanage, sleeping in a pitch-dark dormitory alongside many other boys including "Squeaky" Gibson, whose life he saved on one occasion when he discovered Gibson having an epileptic fit. Around the same time he got his first job as a supermarket trolley attendant, which he would eventually quit after ten years "because he didn't want to get tied down to a career".

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