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Insane and arsonistic, Inferno delights in causing pain and suffering while blasting opponents with twin flamethrowers. During his first encounter with Quickstrike, he claimed that "Pain is my friend! Allow me to introduce YOU to it!" before giving the Fuzor a severe pounding. When Megatron first witnessed Inferno's insane vigor for violence, he commented, "Oooh, I like him!" Inferno was extremely tough and powerful, while at the same time being amazingly loyal, even igniting energon crystals rather than lose them to the Maximals, as per Megatron’s orders. In keeping with his ant instincts, he was one of the few Predacons genuinely loyal to Megatron, and always refers to him as "the Royalty" or "the Queen" (although he rarely used the latter in public after Megatron nearly strangled him after one too many uses of the term). Additionally, he referred to the Predacon Base as "The Colony" (and at one point "The Nest") and his comrades as drones, drawing some amount of dissatisfaction from them. Despite this, Inferno would prove surprisingly sociable, often playing cards with his fellow Predacons ("Changing of the Guard").

Bob Forward revealed in 1997 that Inferno was originally planned by Hasbro to be "the new Megatron [toy]. We were going to kill Megatron and bring him back as Inferno." []

Inferno was originally a Maximal protoform who was converted into a Predacon by Tarantulas, who had originally intended to recruit a third arachnid loyal only to him, as well as gain the stasis pod for himself to escape the planet. However, the scanner in Inferno’s pod had already scanned a fire ant before Tarantulas arrived. A glitch in this process (and possibly Tarantulas' faulty programming) resulted in Inferno's beast instincts heavily influencing his robot mode. He believed he was an actual fire ant, protecting his "colony" (the stasis pod), which was soon destroyed by Tigatron. An enraged Inferno was seconds away from killing him when he was blown apart by Optimus Primal. Repaired after this, Inferno joined the Predacon ranks, reprogrammed to believing Megatron to be his “queen", the base to be his “colony” and the other Predacons as fellow “drones”. His arsonistic tendencies and impenetrable personal loyalty to Megatron (whom he often referred to as his "Queen", or "the Royalty" , much to Megatron's chagrin) forgive his quirks. This favored treatment would lead to a rivalry with Megatron's current second-in-command Scorponok, as the brutish Predacon considered the fanatically loyal Inferno as a threat to his position.

Inferno quickly made an impact on the Predacons, frequently leading the other flyers (Waspinator and Terrorsaur) on missions, although his desire for destruction often meant he disregarded any semblance of a plan. He also obtained revenge on Tigatron, killing his white tiger companion Snowstalker during a mission. Inferno was considered loyal enough to be sent on a solo mission to retrieve the alien second Golden Disk artifact from a mountain cave. Later, he was sent after Tarantulas and Blackarachnia when they tried to escape in a modified stasis pod, incinerating Tarantulas.

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