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The Dreamqueen is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.

The entity known as the Dreamqueen is the daughter of a succubus named Zhilla Char, and Nightmare, ruler of the Dream Dimension. Her birth killed her mother, and gave the Dreamqueen all her memories. She was born in a similar "dream dimension" of her own called Liveworld, of which she is the ruler.

It was to this dimension that the fetus of Laura Dean instinctively sent her unborn twin sister, Goblyn. As the autistic Laura grew up, she discovered that she was able to switch places in Liveworld with her sister. After encountering Alpha Flight, Goblyn and Laura were admitted into Beta Flight under the mis-belief that they were one and the same person.

Meanwhile, the Dreamqueen befriended Goblyn, discovered the presence of Laura Dean and Purple Girl in Liveworld, and captured Laura. She then witnessed the accidental arrival of Goblyn and Alpha Flight in Liveworld. The Dreamqueen finally succeeded in reaching the Earth, traveled to China and gained control of China Force. China Force had captured Jade Dragon and brought him to Canada. Dreamqueen set her dream warriors against Alpha Flight and the Jade Dragon. Alpha Flight defeated China Force, and Laura Dean opened a portal to return them to China, thus foiling the Dreamqueen's plans again.

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