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Azazel is a comic book character in the Marvel Comics and is the biological father of Nightcrawler. His first appearance was in Uncanny X-Men #428, during "The Draco" storyline, written by Chuck Austen. Azazel was featured in X-Men: First Class as a member of the Hellfire Club, the main antagonist group.

Azazel claims that many years ago an ancient horde of demonic mutant from biblical times called the Neyaphem were in an epic battle with a group of angel over-zealous mutants, named the Cheyarafim. The Cheyarafim were victorious in the battle and banished the "evil" mutants to an alternate dimension for all eternity. The Neyaphem's leader, Azazel, was the only one who was able to breach the dimensional void for brief periods of time due to his teleportation powers. His only hope to return to earth was by impregnating women because his children are linked to his dimension.

About twenty years ago, Azazel began mating with women who had strange appearances, at least with looks and abilities other women didn't have. He met Mystique in Germany, at the time she was married to a rich baron named Christian Wagner, who was unable to give her children. When Mystique was introduced to Azazel, whom Christian knew as a business partner, she had an instant attraction to him. Although she was hesitant to betray Christian, she gave in to Azazel and they had sex. Not much later, Mystique was pregnant with Nightcrawler. While Mystique had actually fallen in love with Azazel, he seemed only to be interested in impregnating her, but, in truth, Azazel found himself actually loving Mystique, making her the only woman he ever truly loved. Shortly after his "mission" was complete Azazel left Mystique because the Cheyarafim had learned of his current location in Germany, thus would attempt to kill Azazel, Mystique, and their unborn child. Knowing that Mystique would be safe - having her resources and being the woman she was - Azazel left her to protect her and their child. Mystique, however, would never know of Azazel's true intentions and hated him for leaving her.

Soon afterward, Mystique killed Christian and buried his body because he suspected her betrayal. A few months later, Mystique gave birth to a child. Due to the shock and the strain of the boy’s difficult delivery, Mystique lost concentration and accidentally revealed her true form. Considered a demon, Mystique was chased away by an angry mob. Barely escaping, she tossed the baby down a ravine. The child was teleported away, apparently by Azazel, and given into Margali Szardos’ care. Azazel had past relations with women before, resulting in the births of Abyss and Kiwi Black.

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