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Master Mold is a fictional character, a robot supervillain in the Marvel Universe. Since his primary purpose was to act as a portable Sentinel-creating factory, and the Sentinel robots were primarily used to hunt mutants, Master Mold has almost exclusively appeared in the X-Men and related, mutant-themed, comic books.

The Master Mold first appeared in X-Men #15-16 (December 1965-January 1966), and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

The character subsequently appears in The Incredible Hulk Annual #7 (1978), X-Factor #13-14 (February-March 1987), Power Pack #36 (April 1988), Marvel Comics Presents #18-24 (May-July 1989), The Uncanny X-Men #246-247 (July-August 1989), The Sensational She-Hulk #30 (August 1991), and Cyclops: Retribution #1 (January 1994).

The Master Mold received an entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89 #5.

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