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, full name Albert W. Wily, is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the original Mega Man series of video game. Designed by Keiji Inafune, he appeared in the first Mega Man video game and later in promotions and other media related to the series. In Japanese, he is voiced by Takeshi Aono in all appearances except Mega Man: The Power Battle and its sequel; in English, the character is voiced by Dean Galloway, with Ian James Corlett and Scott McNeil voicing the character in Captain N: The Game Master and the animated series, respectively.

Conceived by character designer Keiji Inafune for Mega Man, Wily's design is inspired by Albert Einstein, and was initially conceived to appear as a tall, thin scientist with a mustache, glasses, balding hair, and lab coat. As development on Mega Man progressed, Inafune redrew the character to match the in-game sprites, making him shorter and removing the glasses from his original design. Inafune has expressed disdain for this design, stating in a 2003 interview that if an artist approached him with similar work, he would reject it and demand better. With the production of Mega Man 2, Inafune decided to redraw the character completely, aiming to tie into the common perception of a mad scientist. To this end he made Wily slightly taller, and elongated his hair and chin. Satisfied with the alternations, Inafune kept the design consistent for later appearances of the character.

Introduced in the first Mega Man game, Wily was Dr. Light's rival, and helped him create a series of humanoid robots to help mankind, though the world ignored his contribution. Jealous, he reprogrammed the robots with the exception of the child-like robots Rock (Mega) and Roll to assist him in taking over the world. However he was defeated by Rock, now the combat robot "Mega Man". Wily returned as the antagonist subsequent titles of the main series with a different scheme each time, sometimes framing someone else for his crimes (Dr. Cossack, Proto Man, a disguise for himself named Mr. X, and Dr. Light), only to be defeated and surrender to Mega Man at the end. Wily is also responsible for the creation several other characters throughout the series, including Bass and Zero, and is indirectly responsible for the creation of the antagonist of the Mega Man X series, Sigma.

In the separate continuity of the Mega Man Battle Network series, a different version of Wily, dubbed Mr. Wily, served as the primary antagonists in all but the second, fourth, and fifth games. A former friend of Doctor Tadashi Hikari, he became angered when his research in robotics was pushed aside in favor of Tadashi's research into expansion of the internet. Forming a crime syndicate Wily sought to destroy Tadashi's work through the use of hacking and computer viruses, coming into direct conflict with Tadashi's grandson Lan Hikari and by extension MegaMan.EXE. However after several failures, the realization he had been a poor father to his son Dr. Regal, and taking the role of a surrogate father for Baryl, Wily reform at the conclusion of Mega Man Battle Network 6 and worked alongside Lan's father for the remainder of the series.

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