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James Proudstar, previously known as the second Thunderbird but also known as Warpath is a fictional character, a Marvel Comics superhero associated with the X-Men.

An Apache Native American, Proudstar possesses mutant superhuman strength and speed, like his older brother, the short-lived X-Man Thunderbird, though Warpath's power-levels are much higher.

He originally blamed the X-Men for his brother’s death and joined the villain group the Hellions to get revenge. He later reconsidered his views and became a longtime member of the militant X-Men offshoot X-Force. After a long journey to the Shi'ar Empire with the Uncanny X-Men, Warpath became a member of the new incarnation of X-Force but he left after the events of Necrosha.

Created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Sal Buscema, he first appeared as the second Thunderbird in New Mutants #16 (June 1984).

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