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The following are fictional character appearing in the Duck universe, which revolves around the stories of Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck.

Andold "Wild Duck" Temerary (original Italian name: Mac Paperin) is a fictional character created by Gaudenzio Capelli and Marco Rota for The Walt Disney Company. He appears in stories set in the Middle Ages, as a lookalike and probably ancestor to Donald Duck. Andold was a commander who protected the shores of Caledonia (Scotland) from viking.

He has a girlfriend named Aydis who looks like Daisy Duck, and he also has five soldiers, two of them are named Little Bo and Big Brutus.

In the first Andold story (Paperino e il piccolo Krack from 1975), Donald dreams about Andold, in the second (Le avventure di Mac Paperin: L'arrosto della salvezza from 1980, published in the USA as Donald Duck and his fierce ancestor... Andold Wild Duck), Huey, Dewey and Louie are reading a book about his adventures. In later Andold stories, the modern-day Ducks do not appear. All Andold Wild Duck stories are illustrated by Marco Rota, most of them are also written by him.

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