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The list of characters from the manga, Dragon Half. Dragon Half has such a colorful cast, with several of the characters named after famous RPG game mascots. However, only the main cast are shown in the anime adaption.



:Daughter of Rouce the Red Lightning and Mana, an imperial red dragon, and the star of Dragon Half. She is like your typical teenager except for the fact that she is half-dragon. She can fly with wings that appear when needed, can breathe fire, and is overall very strong and resistant to most forms of damage, including poisons. She also seems to be jinx, bringing all sorts of misfortunes to herself and anyone around her and also inadvertently making herself a lot of enemies. In the manga, her main enemies are Azetodeth (AKA the Demon King), Princess Vina and King Siva. Mink is also infatuated with Dick Saucer, the handsome dragonslayer and popstar. However, because of her half human/half dragon heritage, she is actively seeking out the legendary People Potion, which would make her fully human.

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