Dark Magician Girl

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The following is a list of notable cards that are well famed in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. The cards listed are notable for their relevance to the anime and manga of the same name, its two spin-off series, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and the real-life card game.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the signature card of Seto Kaiba. In the anime and manga Kaiba owns three of them. Yugi Muto's grandpa initially owned the fourth, but Kaiba tore it up so it could never be used against him. Throughout the series, Kaiba frequently uses the Blue Eyes motif to decorate his personal effects (notably his jet, his amusement park, and his clothing).

During the Memory World arc, the Blue Eyes White Dragon is revealed to be the Ka of a girl named Kisara. She and Priest Seto (Seto Kaiba's past incarnate) shared a deep bond that appears to have carried over into Kaiba's modern-day obsession with the BEWD. As a monster, versus just a playing card, the power of the Blue Eyes was shown to surpass even that of the Egyptian gods, as it was the first monster to successfully injure Zorc Necrophades (even after Zorc had survived combined assaults from all three gods did not work).

This is another signature card of Seto Kaiba. In the anime it's simply referred to as "Crush Card" and was known as "Deck Destruction Virus of Death" in Japan. After a DARK-attribute monster with 1000 or less attack points is destroyed, the user can activate this card, destroying every monster with 1500 or more attack points in the opponent's hand, on their side of the field, and in their deck. Kaiba uses this in every arc minus the Memory World, Grand Prix, and Legendary Heroes arc.

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