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The fictional villains of the Power Rangers universe that appeared in the television series Power Rangers in Space are aliens, and members of the United Alliance of Evil under the command of . This included many villains from previous seasons of Power Rangers, and some that had not appeared before.

Dark Specter (voiced by Christopher Grey) is known throughout the universe as the Grand Monarch of Evil and is the primary villain of Power Rangers in Space. Dark Specter is a gigantic entity, as the Dark Fortress is smaller than his hand. He's made in some ways to be the ultimate evil, especially due that fact that the other villains are terrified of him. He has captured Zordon, the Power Rangers' former mentor, and begins draining him of his powers. As the Grand Monarch, Dark Specter brings forth a union of villains known as the United Alliance of Evil, including Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, Master Vile, the Machine Empire, Divatox, General Havoc, and . Selecting Astronema to battle the Space Rangers, Dark Specter makes sure they never rescue Zordon from his clutches. In Countdown to Destruction, Dark Specter later initiates a full-scale assault on Earth, Gratha, Triforia, KO-35, and the homeworld of the Phantom Ranger, Eltar. Astronema, who was now fully evil and brainwashed by Dark Specter, turned on him, prolonging the attacks of the Psycho Rangers and other evil forces that drew power from him in order to destroy him; while she was able to seriously weaken him in this manner, she did not succeed in destroying him. Though the attack was going well, Dark Specter is assaulted by , who tried to slay Dark Specter with a planet-destroying missile. Though the attack was enough to destroy Dark Specter, the Grand Monarch is able to hang on long enough to swallow Darkonda's Velocifighter whole, completely destroying the bounty hunter with him. He soon fell to Earth as fragments. Dark Specter never fought the rangers personally, so it is unknown whether they could have stood a chance against him.

Dark Specter is nearly identical in appearance to the lava demon Maligore (even Divatox acknowledged the resemblance) and is capable of spitting fireballs.

Astronema (played by Melody Perkins) is known throughout the universe as the Princess of Evil, Dark Princess of Space, and the Princess of Darkness, and is the main antagonist of Power Rangers in Space. She is also known for being one of two head female villains (the other Trakeena) in the Power Rangers series to go into hand-to-hand combat with the Rangers themselves. She carried a staff called a "Wrath Staff" that shot lightning, and a boomerang in which she used to attack the Rangers. Anytime Astronema is out of her Dark Fortress, she wears what she calls her "Battle Gear", which consists of two shoulder plates, a chest plate, and a back plate. This "Battle Gear" helps protect her when she is in hand-to-hand combat.

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