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Karone, also known as Astronema, is a character from the Power Rangers universe, first appearing in the television series Power Rangers in Space. She is known to be the only character in the Power Rangers universe to "evolve" from being the Power Rangers' archnemesis (Power Rangers in Space) to a Power Ranger (Pink Ranger) herself (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy), and the first non-earth human Pink Ranger.

Karone was born on the planet KO-35 and the twin sister of Andros, the Red Space Ranger. Along with Andros, she had dreamed of one day being a Power Ranger. One day, while playing with Andros as a child, she was kidnapped. Having left to retrieve a toy, Andros only heard her scream. By the time he returned, Karone was gone. No one knew what had become of her and while Andros spent years trying to learn the truth, it turns out that Karone had been kidnapped by the evil bounty hunter, Darkonda. Having acted on higher orders, Darkonda took her to be raised by his rival, Ecliptor, to be evil. She was then named Astronema.

Ecliptor raised the young Karone to be Astronema, the princess of evil. He considered her a daughter and she in turn saw him like a father; trusting him deeply. Ecliptor had also told her lies of the Power Rangers destroying her parents and her brother. Over time, Karone grew into being Astronema – her true memories fading, as she became evil and a highly trained warrior. After years of training and competing against other evil warriors, Astronema was later tutored in the dark arts of magic. She was awarded the Wrath Staff, which she uses to manipulate others and battle her opponents. With Dark Specter's help, she gained the space station, the Dark Fortress and an army of robotic soldiers called Quantrons. She also became a member of the United Alliance of Evil (though she later denied involvement in attacking Eltar and kidnapping Zordon).

As Astronema, she travelled the universe, conquering and destroying all those who would not serve her or Dark Specter. In a flashback in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, she met a warrior that carried the Armor Keys, magical talismans that would grant him great armor. To prevent the warrior from using the keys, she turned him into a stone figure. (Years later, a regretful Karone atoned for this.)

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