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The Hood (Parker Robbins) is a fictional character, a supervillain and crime boss in the . Created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artists Kyle Hotz and Eric Powell, the character first appeared in The Hood #1 (July 2002).

The Hood first appeared in his own self-titled MAX limited series in 2002 which featured his origin, as a character who had a cloak and boots stolen from a Nisanti demon, which granted him invisibility and limited levitation respectively.

The Hood next appeared in the 2006 miniseries Beyond!, a miniseries set in outer space, which had the character shift towards a slightly more anti-heroic side as opposed to a villainous one.

Confirming the statement and having Parker return to his villainous roots, a 2007 New Avengers storyline had Parker rise to becoming "the 'Godfather' of all supervillains", mostly due to the fact that Marvel's Civil War event prevented any heroes from stopping him. Although the New Avengers defeated the Hood's new gang of supercriminals, he broke them out, only to be defeated once more.

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