Lord Slug

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Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, also known by its Japanese title, , or Toei's own English title, Super Saiya, Son Goku, is the fourth Dragon Ball Z feature movie. It was originally released in Japan on March 19, 1991 at the Toei Anime Fair as part of a double feature with the first Magical Tarurūto-kun movie. An American English dub was produced by Funimation, a French English dub was produced by AB Groupe, and a Malaysia English dub was produced by an unknown company. It is the first Dragon Ball Z movie to be dubbed with Funimation's English voice cast, and also the first to have songs by bands replace the original Japanese score. Funimation's dub was released on Steel Case DVD and Blu-ray in a two-movie set along with Tree of Might. AB Groupe's English dub was released in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Ireland on VHS and DVD as Super Saiyan, Goku. The Malaysian English dub was released on VCD in Malaysia under the title Super Saiya People, Goku by a company called Speedy.

Piccolo then gives all his energy to Goku and with his power regained, Goku uses the Kaioken attack to knock down Slug long enough to create a Spirit Bomb. Goku then hurls the powerful energy sphere at the Namekian tyrant, easily destroying him. With the villains defeated, the heroes celebrate over their victory. The movie ends with Master Roshi waking up from his nap, wishing something interesting had happened.

The following songs were present in the Funimation dub of Lord Slug:

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