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The following are characters from the PlayStation game Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross was initially set to have 64 playable characters. Chrono Cross director and scenario writer Masato Kato eventually conceived 45 characters, which were then drawn by character designer Nobuteru Yūki. The backgrounds of some minor characters were left to members of the staff.

is the silent protagonist of Chrono Cross. Like several other console RPG main characters, Serge's dialogue isn't shown on screen. He is an uncomplicated youth from Arni Village, a small fishing town on the south part of the El Nido Archipelago's central island. His journey begins when he is abruptly swept through a dimensional rift into Another World, in which he meets a young thief named Kid. This sets the wheels in motion that will determine the truth behind Serge, his relationship with Lynx, and the future of the parallel worlds.

In his youth, Serge had been attacked by a panther demon. To save his son, Serge's father Wazuki attempted to sail to Marbule to find a cure for the panther's poison. He and Miguel set out during a storm and ended up in the Sea of Eden, and entered Chronopolis. There, Serge was exposed to the Frozen Flame and healed. After the storm passed, Serge was listed by the Prometheus Circuit as an "Arbiter", the highest security level of Chronopolis and was the only life form able to access the flame, hindering FATE's ability to control El Nido. It is revealed later that Schala sensed Serge's cry throughout time and used her magic to create the storm which led him to Chronopolis. In order to access the flame and stop the Prometheus Circuit, allowing FATE to have total control over El Nido, FATE needed a physical form, and uploaded its mind into Wazuki, as well as changed Wazuki's appearance to that of a humanoid panther since Serge developed a phobia toward felines after the panther attack. In Another World, Serge was drowned by Lynx in the year 1010 A.D. at the age of seven. The Home World was in fact created as a result of Kid traveling back in time after the events of Chrono Cross to save Serge from Lynx.

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