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Ebon (real name Ivan Evans) is a fictional character and the archenemy of Static in the animated series. He is voiced by Gary Sturgis.

The leader of the Meta-Breed, he has a personal grudge against Static for having foiled so many of his plans. He got his powers from the Big Bang incident, that gave Static his powers as well. Ebon's real name is Ivan Evans, and he is the older brother of the Rubber-Band Man, aka Adam Evans.

Ebon has been a recurring character on the show since season one, and is the leader of the always-changing Meta-Human group called the Meta-Breed. Ebon is weakened by intense bright light, similar to how Superman is weakened by Kryptonite.

Ebon has also worked with Hotstreak and with Madelyn Spaulding in She-Back, when she broke Ebon, Talon and Hot-Streak out of jail and announced herself as the new leader of the Meta-Breed. This union was short-lived, due to both Ebon and Spaulding's desire to control the group. Spaulding's exhaustive defeat of Ebon in a power struggle allowed Static, Gear, and Shebang to make quick work of the rest of the Meta-Breed.

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