The Crow (Ashe Corven)

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The Crow: City of Angels is a 1996 action film and a sequel to the cult film The Crow. The film was directed by Tim Pope. None of the original actors reprised their roles in this film.

The setting is Los Angeles, where drug kingpin Judah Earl (Richard Brooks) controls all. It is the misfortune of mechanic Ashe Corven (Vincent Pérez) and his eight year-old son Danny (Eric Acosta) to witness a gang of Judah's thugs murdering a fellow drug dealer.

Judah's men capture Ashe and Danny. Ashe and Danny are viciously beaten and terrorized, with Ashe pleading for Danny's life, and then tied together and shot multiple times, and their bodies are thrown off of a pier.

A year later, a young woman named Sarah (Mia Kirshner) has been having dreams about Ashe and Danny. Sarah works in a tattoo parlor by day, and paints haunting, surreal images of death and resurrection in her apartment at night. Sarah is haunted by these disturbing dreams about Ashe and Danny, and after a day's work in the tattoo parlor, Sarah is visited in her apartment by a large crow as she contemplates a ring given to her years ago by Eric Draven (the original Crow played by Brandon Lee).

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The Crow (Ashe Corven) The Crow (Ashe Corven) The Crow (Ashe Corven)


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