Zhou Tai

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Zhou Tai (163 - 225), courtesy name Youping (幼平), was an officer who served the Kingdom of Wu during the Three Kingdoms era of China.

Zhou Tai was a native of Jiujiang commandery, and was depicted as a pirate around the area in Luo Guanzhong’s novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but it is hard to tell if he really practiced piracy because historic records only suggest he was of an obscure origin. Zhou Tai entered Sun Ce’s forces as one of Sun Ce’s personal retainers, alongside Jiang Qin. When Sun Ce entered Kuaiji, Zhou Tai was made Major with a Separate Command, and was given troops to command. It was at this time that Sun Quan took a liking to Zhou Tai’s character, and requested for Tai to be transferred to himself.

Several times throughout his career, he saved Sun Quan from danger by risking his own life. Once, while Sun Ce was out fighting Shanyue rebels from the caves within the six prefectures of Jiangdong, Sun Quan was left in Xuan town with less than a thousand guards. Out of negligence, he did not set up defence posts. Several thousand of Shanyue rebels attacked. By the time Sun Quan mounted his horse, the bandits managed to surround him already. Their weapons, hitting here and there, slashed Sun Quan’s saddle, causing great panic all around. Only Zhou Tai, with spirits roused, defended Sun Quan with his body, emboldening those near him and making them able to fight again. When the bandits were finally dispersed, Zhou Tai was found unconscious with twelve deep wounds, which took a long time to heal. Had Zhou Tai not be there on that day, Sun Quan would have surely perished. This deed was greatly appreciated by Sun Ce, who added the title of Chief of Chunju Prefecture to Zhou Tai.

Some time after that, Zhou Tai followed Sun Ce to attack Liu Xun at Wan and Huang Zu of Jiangxia, and upon his return he passed by Yuzhang commandery and there he was granted the title of Chief of Yichun Prefecture as well. These prefectures generated all the supplies needed by his troops. Zhou Tai also assisted in the defense against Huang Zu on a few occasions.

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