Mutt Williams

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Henry Walton "Mutt Williams" Jones III is a fictional character in the Indiana Jones franchise, portrayed by Shia LaBeouf. He is introduced in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as a motorcycle-riding greaser and becomes Indiana Jones's sidekick. He is the son of former bar owner Marion Ravenwood and archaeologist Indiana Jones, although Indy and Mutt are unaware of their relationship until the events of Crystal Skull.

Mutt has a horizontal scar across his right cheek inflicted during a duel with Irina Spalko. Mutt has stated that his prep-school education has made him "handy with a blade." The book explains Mutt was champion on the fencing team, but was kicked out of school for placing bets on his matches.

Mutt's occupation prior to meeting up with Indy is that of a motorcycle mechanic. It is also revealed that his mother attempted to send him through several prep schools which he found of little interest. While at school it is learned that he excelled at sports education, including fencing.

Two 3¾ inch figures of Mutt, a deluxe figure of him on his motorcycle, an Adventures Heroes figurine, and a 12 inch figure were released in 2008. Mutt is available in four Lego Indiana Jones sets based on Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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