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Inque (pronounced "ink") is a fictional character from the DCAU series Batman Beyond. She is a shapeshifting femme fatale with an aversion to water and electricity. Inque can turn into a dark liquid and slide through the smallest cracks, or apply herself to the surface of an object in order to avoid detection. She was voiced by actress Shannon Kenny.

In every one of Inque's five appearances, she proved to be one of Batman's most powerful adversaries, as Batman was not able to defeat her alone, requiring assistance from Bruce Wayne (twice), Superman, the Justice League, and even Inque's own daughter, Deanna. Out of Terry's entire rogues gallery, Inque has come the closest to killing him on several occasions, a feat not even Blight has accomplished.

Inque would later join the Iniquity Collective in their fight against the Justice League Unlimited.

Inque first appears as an industrial saboteur hired by Derek Powers, the CEO of Wayne-Powers. Batman encounters her several times, and she eventually attaches herself to the outside of the Batmobile as it returns to the Batcave.

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