Operation Overdrive Power Rangers

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The Operation Overdrive Power Rangers are a fictional team of superhero in the television show Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, tasked with tracking down five individual jewels that fit onto Corona Aurora. Due to DNA resequencing, they have enhanced strength and intelligence as well as individual superpowers, and wield the Overdrive Trackers that serve as communicators and morphers. They are funded and run by billionaire Andrew Hartford and are based out of his mansion, located in San Angeles.

Mackenzie Hartford, nicknamed Mack, is the Red Overdrive Ranger and "son" of Andrew Hartford. He is the only Ranger not deliberately recruited, being involved in Operation Overdrive by accident and against his father's wishes. Outgoing and enthusiastic, he was sheltered by his father for most of his life and had the desire to prove himself. Though initially believed to be genetically enhanced like the other Rangers, he is revealed late in the series to be an android.

Mack is heavily into adventure novels and other escapist fantasies, and is determined to be a Ranger; he takes failure badly, almost quitting when he failed to protect a civilian . He showed bravery and quick tactical thinking in his first battle and has been quickly accepted and trusted as leader by the other Rangers. He has a close relationship with the household butler Spencer. His father's over-protectiveness is shown in the second episode, where Spencer increases the power of the Genetic Scrambler, granting Mack power which appears greater than the other Rangers; this is also one of the first reasons which explains why the Red Ranger is always more powerful then the other Rangers.

Mack misinterprets Andrew's concern over his status as a Ranger as a lack of confidence as he overheard Andrew and Spencer talking, but soon patches things up with his father as he realizes that the man simply cares about him and is worried about losing him.

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