Unus the Untouchable

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Unus the Untouchable (Angelo Unuscione) is a fictional character from the comic book X-Men and part of the Marvel Comics Universe. A mutant, Unus is named for his ability to consciously project a force field which protects him from harm.

Angelo Unuscione was born in Milan, Italy. He later legally changed his name to Gunther Bain when he came to the United States. Once in America he sought out the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to join them. He turned criminal, and fought the X-Men alongside the group. During the battle his powers were enhanced by a shot fired from Beast's gun, increasing his power beyond his ability to control it. He promised to reform, and his normal power level was restored by the Beast. He became a good friend of the Blob, and they teamed up together on various schemes, such as posing as the X-Men and framing them for robbery, before both mutants went their separate ways.

Unus then joined the villainous organization Factor Three in a conspiracy to conquer Earth. They fought the X-Men, but turned against the Mutant Master when the latter was exposed as an extraterrestrial. Unus later visited Ogre at their Mt Charteris base. However, shortly after he was captured by Sentinels alongside several others mutants but was later released, after which he teamed with the Blob and Mastermind as agents of the second Secret Empire; they were defeated by the Beast, and then held prisoner by the Secret Empire. Unus then joined an incarnation of Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. As a member of the Brotherhood, Unus joined in their battle against the X-Men and Kruger. Alongside the Brotherhood, Unus battled the Defenders, but Magneto and the Brotherhood were reduced to infancy by their team member Alpha the Ultimate Mutant. Unus and the others were kept at Muir Island. When the Brotherhood was reverted to adulthood and reorganized, Unus teamed with the Vanisher, Blob, and Mastermind and fought alongside the group against the Champions. However he left the team disheartened. He came in conflict with Doc Samson, Power Man and then embarked on a New York crime spree, but was defeated by Iron Fist and Power Man.

Not long after, Unus decided to retire from the life of the organized supervillain, deciding to use his talents in less "lofty" ways; he was making a living as a wrestler. At some point, he fathered the Canadian mutant Radius. It is also believed that the Acolyte Carmella Unuscione is either his daughter or sister, but no official confirmation of this has ever been given.

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