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Empowered is an original English-language manga written and illustrated by Adam Warren. Described by Warren as a “sexy superhero comedy", Empowered began to take shape in 2004 with a series of commissioned sketches of a damsel in distress; these illustrations became the basis for short comic stories that helped develop the characters for the Empowered series.

Warren says that Empowered is "nominally a superhero title, yet it’s drawn by a clearly manga-influenced artist".

empowered chronicles the story of the titular character "Empowered", a superheroine whose civilian name is Elissa Megan Powers, and is more commonly referred to as "Emp" (originally after initials, E.M.P.).

Empowered is a young blonde woman who is highly self-conscious about her rather gorgeous figure and has a plethora of related self-esteem issues. She was inspired to become a superhero and help others after witnessing the death of her father at a very early age, going so far as to get a degree on "Metahuman Studies" while attending an unnamed college. She obtains a unique "hypermembrane" supersuit through unknown means but the suit is both very revealing and unreliable. Her concern over her appearance frequently serves as a dominant aspect of her career as a superheroine, as her "hypermembrane" supersuit is composed of an extremely fragile material; a material so thin and clingy that it outlines every curve of her body. Additionally, while her suit can provide her with several fantastic powers, such as super strength and directed energy blasts, these enhancements will usually fail if her suit becomes too damaged. Due to the fragility of her suit, this has happened frequently, and thus, she has earned herself a reputation for being ineffective and easily defeated. Despite these many limitations, Empowered still manages to achieve triumphs in both her personal and professional lives using her intellect and determination, even if she rarely gains accolades for said heroic acts from the public at large.

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