Omega Flight

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Omega Flight is the name used by three teams of fictional character with superpowers in the Marvel Universe, one of the few Canadian teams published by an American comic book company. Omega Flight first appeared in the pages of Alpha Flight as a supervillain team. The latest incarnation is a team of heroes.

Omega Flight first appeared in Alpha Flight (vol. 1) #11. A different incarnation first appeared in Alpha Flight (vol. 1) #110.

In the wake of Marvel's Civil War, a comic book series about a group of superheroes in Canada is scheduled for release in April 2007. The new series is created by Michael Avon Oeming and Scott Kolins. Appearances of this team have been seen through out the Marvel Comics Presents (vol. 2) series.

The name of Omega Flight was originally used by a group of super-villains assembled with the specific purpose of killing the original Alpha Flight - particularly its founder, the original Guardian.

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