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Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, released as in Japan and Europe, is an action-adventure video game developed by Konami for the PlayStation 2 console. Originally released in Japan and North America in 2003 and Europe in 2004, Lament of Innocence is set in 1094, making it the first chronological installment of the Castlevania series, and is the first game in the Castlevania series in North America to have the M for Mature Rating by the ESRB.

The objective of Lament of Innocence is to lead the primary player character and protagonist Leon Belmont through the monster-filled castle as he searches for his kidnapped beloved. After Leon defeats each area's boss, the final area becomes unlocked. Health restorative and items to improve gaming statistics such as strength and defense can be purchased with in-game money from Rinaldo's shop.

For his primary weapon, Leon makes use of the Whip of Alchemy given to him by Rinaldo. Later on, he can acquire three more whips, each guarded by an elemental boss: the Ice, Lightning, and Fire Elemental Whips. Near the end of the game, his Whip of Alchemy turns into the more destructive Vampire Killer. In addition, Leon can combine one of five sub-weapons—a knife, an axe, a cross, a crystal, and holy water—with one of six orbs to form a special attack. Over the course of the game, he will learn special techniques and magic attacks as well.

Two additional player characters can be unlocked: the new character Pumpkin and Joachim, who appeared earlier in the game as a boss.

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