Firefly (Cobra)

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Firefly is a character of the G.I. Joe universe. He is a mercenary who contracts with the Cobra Organization, requiring payment whether his missions are successful or not. Firefly's given name is unknown. He is a ninja master, a saboteur, and an explosives expert.

Firefly was first released as an action figure in 1984. A new version of Firefly was released in 1992. The figure was repainted and released as part of the Battle Corps line in 1993. Firefly has 11 action figures plus two convention exclusive figures in the 3¾" line, one 12" figure, and two 8" figures. He is most commonly seen in a ski mask and BDU fatigues. He is popularly shown in urban or grey camouflage, although only 4 of his figures portray him in that manner.

Firefly has been released in Wave 3.

Firefly first appeared in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #24 (June 1984).

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Firefly (Cobra) Firefly (Cobra) Firefly (Cobra)


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