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Shadow Raiders is a 3D CG animated TV cartoon based on the War Planets toy line. It features several planets.

Little is known about Planet Tek, except that it is one of many planets which were consumed by the Beast Planet, as seen in the first episode. Tekla, the princess of Planet Tek, accompanied by four other inhabitants of Tek flying Vari-Tek fighters, managed to escape the destruction of her homeworld but was pursued through space by Beast Drones. Attempting to follow an advance Beast fleet that was on its way to the Cluster, Tekla's companions were killed. Tekla's ship crash-landed on the Planet Ice where she made the acquaintance of Graveheart. Tekla has made it her mission to bring down the Beast whatever the cost. As Tekla has a holster built into her right leg, a communicator in her right ear, and emitters in her hands that allowed her to help build her force field generator, it can be assumed that the people of Planet Tek cybernetically augment themselves over the course of their lives. Interestingly, Planet Tek resembles Cybertron from Beast Machines, another animated series by Mainframe. Despite their mechanical nature, the inhabitants can cry (though we are only shown Tekla doing so).

Though only seen in the opening episode of the series, the Vari-Tek fighter, of Planet Tek, is an example of art married with wartime technology. Possessing exceptional speed, maneuverability, and weaponry packed into a slim airframe, the Vari-Tek is second to none in aerial combat. Two side-mounted fully rotating engine bays allow the Vari-Tek to fly in one direction while facing and firing in another, totally disorienting enemy pilots. A rotational joint between the cockpit and main fuselage allows the fighter to roll while the cockpit does not, drastically reducing the stress on the pilot as well as the disorientation of quick maneuvering. A sleek yet angular design and a silver-white fuselage round out this design in what could be the perfect combination of efficiency, form and function. Five Vari-Tek fighters survive the destruction of Planet Tek, but only one makes it past the Beast lines to the Warp Jump. It is shot down and crash-lands on Planet Ice, and is destroyed soon after.

A planet of glaciers and icebergs ruled over by the benevolent King Cryos. Planet Ice is inhabited by insect-like humanoids who are well accustomed to the blistering cold and who harbour no fondness for the invading Beast Planet. Weapons and troops available to Planet Ice are the Glacial Troopers, Ice Mite Tanks, giant tamed Ice Fleas, Blade Wings, and of course, King Cryos' personal flagship, the Aurora. Ice are in possession of nanotechnology (called nanocites), which enables them to repair any injury (biological) or damage (technological) or freeze other beings. They can, in one instance, be used to maintain a localized temperature to accommodate the user in extreme heats. The cold temperature of the planet is due to the distance of it from the system's sun.

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