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Ricochet was an alternate identity used by the fictional superhero Spider-Man, and later adopted by college student Johnny Gallo, who appeared in the Marvel Comics' series, Slingers.

When Spider-Man was accused of murder during the Spider-Man: Identity Crisis storyline, he donned several different costumes to continue saving lives without anyone knowing it was him. One of the identities he adopted was that of Ricochet. Starting with a leather jacket with an R on it, his wife Mary Jane Watson-Parker created a costume and weapons to match it. This persona was similar to his Spider-Man persona, but even more jocular, and he relied primarily on his agility while posing as a criminal-for-hire. Using this identity he collaborated for a time with his old foe Delilah while searching for information about new villain the Black Tarantula, battling Roughouse and Bloodscream in her company (Although the final fight featured him using all four of his new identities to put them off-guard and decrease speculation that the new heroes were the same person). When he cleared his name, he abandoned the costume.

Although the hero called Black Marvel later gave Johnny Gallo a duplicate Ricochet costume, Spider-Man remained in possession of the original. It has not been seen since.

In addition to his regular abilities, the Ricochet costume included flying disc-like weapons which he wore on his sleeves.

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