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This is a comprehensive listing of notable characters from the video game Xenogears, a console role-playing game originally released in 1998 by Square Enix for the PlayStation video game console. Kunihiko Tanaka was the lead character designer, while Tetsuya Takahashi and Masato Kato were the lead writers for the game. Xenogears was a commercial and critical success. In Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Xenogears was voted the 16th best video game of all time by its readers in a poll held in 2006.

Xenogears follows the character Fei and his friends as they learn about Deus, a powerful, self aware interplanetary invasion system that crashed onto the planet ten thousand years before the game's story begins. Deus has been secretly controlling the slowly populated planet to one day be revived. Fei and Elly, among others, have been reincarnated throughout history in order to ensure that Deus never achieves its goal.

The characters of Xenogears were designed to allude to many psychological concepts, notably of Freudian and Jungian psychology. There is also an important character bearing the name of French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. The most obvious allusion involves the nature of the game's protagonist, Fei Fong Wong, whose Freudian id, ego, and superego are discussed at length throughout the course of the game. Fei had subconsciously repressed his memories because of his unpleasant childhood. However, his desire to remember elements of his past eventually leads him to discover the truth about his identity and his relationship with the character known as Id. This repression also relates to the Jungian concept of the shadow. Distinctly Adlerian in nature, however, are the actions of certain characters, such as Ramsus, whose actions are driven by an inferiority complex that stems from unconscious 'nodes' that often permeate exterior behaviors of an individual. Although not distinctly psychological, allusions to the theories of Friedrich Nietzsche are also found in the game. For example, there is the concept of the eternal return, which, in Xenogears, correlates to the recurrences of the Contact and the Antitype.

is the game's main character. His name is based on the legendary Wong Fei Hung and in katakana is written exactly the same as that of the Guangdong hero. Fei has lived in the village of Lahan for three years and has no memory before that point in time. After being responsible for the destruction of Lahan, Fei joins with Citan Uzuki and other allies to uncover the web of deception and manipulation surrounding Solaris, and ultimately, Deus. Fei experiences frequent memory loss and is unknowingly Id, a powerful individual who is the product of Fei's pain and anguish at a critically young age. As a child, Fei's mother, with Miang inside of her body, experimented heavily with the Contact. As the Contact, he is just one of numerous reincarnations of Abel, the sole survivor of the Eldridge crash. A strong fighter, Fei fights with his bare fists in battle, and his special techniques are known as "Chi".

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