Ty the tasmanian tiger

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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a 3D platformer video game for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube. It was developed by Krome Studios and published by Electronic Arts. Released in 2002, it is the first game in the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a platform game in which the player controls Ty, who must gather at least fifty-one thunder eggs in order to power the "Talisman Machine", a teleportation device that will locate five talisman, which will in turn have the power to free his parents from the Dream time. The game takes place in "Rainbow Cliffs", which is in turn divided into a series of "Zones", each of which act as the hub areas of the game. Each Zone contains three portals, each of which lead to a level. The goal of each level is to obtain a select amount of Thunder Eggs, which can be retrieved by either performing a certain task, completing a "Time Attack" challenge that can be unlocked upon said level's completion, freeing five bilbies, a group of animals who raised Ty after his parents were imprisoned, or by being found alongside the level's set path. When at least seventeen Thunder Eggs in a Zone are obtained, the player must navigate their way to the Talisman Machine; after the machine manages to locate a talisman, it opens another portal leading to their original locations; inside these portals, the player must fight and defeat a boss character before gaining access to a new Zone.

The player is given a certain amount of lives, which are lost when Ty is attacked by an enemy or falls from a great distance. If all lives are lost at any point in the game, the "Game Over" screen will appear, in which the player can continue from the last level played by selecting "Yes". Ty has the ability to jump into the air and uses both biting and throwing boomerangs as his primary means of defense. The player begins the game with a generic boomerang, but can gradually increase their collection by collecting fifteen "Golden Cogs" scattered throughout each level and trading them into scientist koala character Julius, who in turn creates a new "Techno-Rang" for the player to use; another method of retrieving a new boomerang is to complete a boss level, after which Julius will harness the excess energy of the Talisman Machine in order to create a new "Elemental 'Rang", each of which possess elemental powers that can be used to gain access to a new Zone. in addition, Rex gives the player an "Aquarang", a boomerang exclusively used for attacking underwater.

Several years ago, an epic battle ensued between would-be dictator cassowary Boss Cass and a family of thylacine for control of five mystical talismans. Boss Cass managed to trap all the Tigers in the Dreamtime by using these, although the portal was destroyed and the talismans scattered thanks to one of the family members (Ty's father) throwing his boomerang to dislodge the talismans as he was drawn through the portal.

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Ty the tasmanian tiger


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