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Trypticon is a fictional character in the Transformers toyline.

Trypticon is the Decepticons' principal command base. He has three modes: a city, a mobile battle station, and a Tyrannosaurus rex. In each mode, he has a variety of weapons. The toy version of the Tyrannosaurus Rex mode can actually walk, operated with a battery-powered motor.

Although Trypticon appeared to be a ruthless killer, delighting in his battles, Trypticon was in fact insecure wondering if the Decepticon cause was in fact the right one for him. Trypticon is aided with two remote-controlled drones, called Full-Tilt and Brunt. Trypticon’s Autobot counterpart is Metroplex.

Trypticon was sent to Earth by Ratbat, at the behest of Shockwave, on an espionage and reconnaissance mission just after Megatron’s supposed death. As opposed to being simple minded and stupid in the animated series, Trypticon is instead intelligent and very talkative in his comic incarnation. He launched a full-scale attack on the Autobots, nearly defeating them en masse. Wipe-Out (referred to here as Full-Tilt) kidnapped a human woman and Trypticon was about to kill her, but by coincidence, the Dinobots had recently resigned from the Autobots and found him while trying to establish their own base. Grimlock had met the woman previously and, impressed by her courage in not running from him, intervened to save her. The other Dinobots followed and a fight ensued, and Trypticon was called back to Cybertron by Ratbat, having exceeded his predetermined fuel expenditure.

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