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This is a list of characters who appear in the Pucca television series.

A 11-year-old girl (12 since Slam Bam Birthday Bash) born on July 7, Pucca is the series' titular character. She is hopelessly in love with Garu, and is constantly trying to kiss him. Rather than speaking, Pucca communicates with giggling, kissing, growling sounds, and occasional short words like "hello", "tada", and "yu huh!".

She has also been seen cheering "G-A-R-U" with Ching on one occasion in episode Tokyo-A-Go-Go when Garu was Sumo Wrestling and on another occasion "A-B-Y-O" when they both acted as cheerleaders in the episode Ninjitsu for Dummies. She and Garu also both sing in Hooray for Bollywood! (however, their voices are completely different than the occasional noises that they make).

Pucca lives with her guardians (her parents are never seen and she may've came to live with them temporarily), the three Master Chefs at the Goh-Rong restaurant, where she works as a delivery girl, driving around town on her red scooter. She has a pink cat named Yani, who flirts with other cats, but is only interested in Garu's black cat, Mio (similar to her flirting with Garu).

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