Dirge (Xombie)

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Xombie is a series of Flash cartoons produced by James Farr. Farr has said that his reason for using Flash as his medium was its economy.

Recently, James Farr has released a book displaying the events of the first saga the series, entitled Xombie: Dead on Arrival. There is also a six issue comic book series (produced by Devil's Due) called Xombie: Reanimated, the first issue being released April 2007. It will be the second part of the intended Xombie trilogy. In a recent interview, Farr even mentioned a possibility of a live-action film.

The series was released on DVD March 31, 2009 under the title Xombie: Dead on Arrival - The Complete Flash Series.

Xombie tells the story of a little girl named Zoe, who washes ashore near what is left of Washington D.C. nine years after a zombie plague has wiped out most life on Earth and replaced it with bloodthirsty reanimated versions of the planet's previous inhabitants.

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