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One Million Years B.C. is a 1966 UK (released in the United States in 1967) adventure film/fantasy film starring Raquel Welch set - loosely - in the time of cavemen. The film was made by Hammer Film Productions, and was a remake of the 1940 Hollywood film One Million B.C., and it re-creates many of the scenes of that film (such as an allosaurus attacking a tree full of children). It is marketed with the taglines "Travel back through time and space to the edge of man's a savage world whose only law was lust!" and "This is the way it was."

Like the original film, this remake is largely ahistorical. It portrays dinosaurs and humans living together, whereas, according to the Geologic time scale the last dinosaurs became extinct roughly 65 million years BC, and homo sapiens (modern humans) did not exist until about 200,000 years BC. Ray Harryhausen, who animated all of the dinosaur attacks using his famous stop motion technique, has stated that he did not make One Million Years B.C. for "professors" who in his opinion "probably don't go to see these kinds of movies anyway" (this was a comment he made for the DVD of the 1933 version of King Kong).

Tumak, a caveman from the Rock tribe, is banished to the harsh desert because of a fight with his father, Akoba, the tribal leader. After surviving many dangers, such as a giant lizard and a giant spider, he collapses on a remote beach, where he is spotted by "Loana the Fair One" and her fellow fisherwomen of the Shell Tribe. They are about to help him when an Archelon (which is three times the size of the actual prehistoric Archelon) makes its way to the beach. Men of the Shell Tribe arrive and apparently fend off the giant turtle with spears. (Although, in fact, it appears the turtle just wanders out to sea, where it originally intended to go anyway.)

Tumak is taken to their village, where Loana tends to him. Scenes follow emphasising that the Shell Tribe is more advanced and more civilized than the Rock Tribe. They have cave paintings, music, delicate jewellery made from shells, and rudimentary language - all things Tumak seems to have never before encountered.

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Loana the Fair One


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