Zapp Brannigan

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Zapp Brannigan is a fictional character in the animated sitcom Futurama, voiced by Billy West.

Brannigan is a senior member of the military of the Democratic Order of Planets (D.O.O.P.) though his title varies; he has been referred to as a "25 star General", Captain, Rear Brigadier, "General Major Webelo", and Commodore 64. He is arrogant, incompetent, chauvinistic, cocky, vain, and painfully stupid. Kif Kroker is Brannigan's beleaguered lieutenant and personal assistant, as well as his scapegoat when things go wrong.

Brannigan envisions himself a "ladies' man", but is clueless in matters of romance. On first meeting Leela in "Love's Labours Lost in Space" she ends up having pity sex with him; This is later revealed to be his first, and for some time after, only sexual encounter. He invariably mentions this encounter in later episodes. He remains convinced that Leela lusts after him and will eventually return to him, despite her (often literally) violent opposition to the idea. His overconfidence in this is such that he does not hesitate to hit on other women, even in Leela's presence. He is also frequently seen with female companions who are obviously prostitutes, or even men in drag. Brannigan has expressed on several occasions his fondness for being choked and spanked by strong women, though during an encounter with the warrior-women of the planet Amazonia ("Amazon Women in the Mood"), his personal limits were rapidly met and exceeded. After escaping and despite his pelvic injuries, he looked back on the experience fondly, sighing happily, "I had snu-snu". He takes any opportunity to brag about his perceived sexual conquests; after having sex with Leela, he says to Kif, "I have made it with a woman! Inform the men!" In The Beast with a Billion Backs, Zapp manages to seduce a depressed Amy while she mourns over her late husband, Kif (who is eventually reincarnated), and sleeps with her, but doesn't mention it again (aside from what he was explaining to Kif later in the movie). Brannigan once again has an opportunity to have sex with Leela in "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela", the second episode of the sixth season. Here, he is coerced into doing so by a gigantic sphere that will destroy Earth unless he and Leela (which the sphere deems "Adam and Eve") "consummate their relationship" as proof of Earth's wholesomeness and purity. In this case, Zapp protests due to the uncomfortable setting but is dragged into doing so by Leela (much to the anguish of Fry).

Brannigan's pretensions of being suave are belied by his ignorance of how to properly pronounce words such as champagne (he pronounces the silent g), bravo, encore, finale (which he pronounces as "finally"), guacamole (he treats the e as if it were silent and pronounces the first "a" as the "a" in cat) and quesadilla (he pronounces the "e" as a short "e" and pronounces the "ll" sound). However, he has no trouble pronouncing words or phrases such as chutzpah, karaoke and au naturel. He also claims to have a "very sexy" learning disability, "sexlexia". He also occasionally uses words which do not exist, such as "sexfully". He prizes his singing (calling himself "the Velour Fog", a parody of "The Velvet Fog"), doing a William Shatner-like version of "Lola" (he replaces the name Lola with Leela) to win back Leela's attention on Open-Mike Karaoke Night at an orbital restaurant. However, as with most of his self appraisals, his belief in his singing voice is ill-founded: his rendition of the song is sufficiently awful as to cause all the restaurant patrons to exit the establishment in escape pods.

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