Steel Brightblade

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Steel Brightblade is a fictional character from the Dragonlance universe.

Their different personalities brought them endless problems. Kitiara seduced Sturm to probe his lack of faith, and when Sturm offered marriage as a way of atoning for his misbehaviour, she refused and left him.

While recovering from swamp fever at the house of Sara Dunstan, Kitiara learned she was with child and would be forced to stay there until she gave birth. When the baby was born, Kitiara (as a joke) named him Steel Brightblade, and left him with Sara.

Little is known about Steel's childhood. When he was four, Sara decided to move to Palanthas to give Steel a better life. She was afraid he would be more like his mother, and so spent a great deal of time talking to him about the Knights of Solamnia and about Sturm Brightblade, without telling him who he really was.

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