Justice Guild of America

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The Justice Guild of America is a superhero team featured in the Justice League animated series two-part episode Legends, a homage to the Golden Age Justice Society of America, and to a degree the Silver Age Justice League of America.

At the climax of a fight with a giant robot, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and J'onn J'onzz end up on a parallel Earth (existing in a different vibrational frequency from the JL's own) in an idyllic 1950s locale, Seaboard City, that more than a little resembles Pleasantville or other such havens. It also bears more than a passing resemblance to The Village of The Prisoner and features an ice cream van which plays "Pop Goes the Weasel", a tune regularly employed on that show.

There they meet the Justice Guild of America members - Tom Turbine, the Streak, the Green Guardsman (not to be confused with Green Guardsman of Amalgam Comics), Black Siren, Cat Man, and their sidekick Ray Thompson. These were comic book characters on the Justice League's Earth about whom Green Lantern read as a child. Tom Turbine hypothesizes that the JGA writer was psychically tuned in to their Earth during flashes of "inspiration"; this is a nod to the explanation Gardner Fox provided for the JSA/JLA link in his September 1961 story Flash of Two Worlds in which the Barry Allen Flash of Earth-One encounters Jay Garrick, his Earth-Two counterpart.

Probing deeper into inconsistencies found in the "perfect" Seaboard City, the Leaguers find that the JGA actually died when their world's Cuban Missile Crisis escalated into World War III, and they perished in the resultant U.S.-Soviet nuclear exchange.

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