Superman Revenge Squad

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The Superman Revenge Squad is the name of two fictional organizations in the DC Comics universe. As their name suggests, they are enemies of Superman.

In pre-Crisis continuity, the Squad originated as the Superboy Revenge Squad, debuting in Superboy #94 (January 1962); the Superman Revenge Squad subsequently appeared in Action Comics #286 (March 1962). Both squads are composed of aliens from the planet Wexr II, whom Superboy had prevented from achieving galactic conquest. The squad later grows to include members from other planets, all of whom are sworn enemies of Superman. Many of the Squad's plans to destroy Superman use psychological warfare, including kryptonite induced nightmares , hypnotising Superman into committing destructive acts , and tricking Superman into revealing his secret identity . They appeared briefly in the first Superman Red/Superman Blue (July 1963) story line, they were about to attack the Earth but, in that moment, the anti-crime rays strike them.

In their earliest appearances the Squad members appeared hooded in order to keep their identities a secret. Later versions of the Squad wore modifed versions of Superman's costume, with the S-shield made of Kryptonite, and their heads shaved bald in tribute to Lex Luthor.

In one of their final pre-Crisis appearances, in DC Comics Presents #87 (November 1985), the Squad sends Superman into a parallel universe, where he meets Superboy-Prime, the sole superhero of Earth-Prime.

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