Gene Nation

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Gene Nation is a Marvel Comics mutant terrorist organization and enemies of the X-Men. They originated from a group of Morlocks that survived the Mutant Massacre by escaping to another dimension.

When the mentally unstable Mikhail Rasputin flooded the Morlock tunnels, many were believed dead. However, at the last instant Mikhail used his powers to open a portal into a parallel dimension dubbed The Hill. In this dimension, time moves at a faster rate, and even though it was a matter of months in the main Marvel Universe, it had been between 10–20 years In the Hill.

On the anniversary of the Mutant Massacre, a horrific event in which Mr. Sinister's henchmen the Marauders killed many Morlocks, the members of Gene Nation reappeared in the main universe (Earth-616). Their mission was to destroy one human for every Morlock life that was lost, and also, in a side mission performed by Hemingway and Marrow, to kill some of the original Morlocks. In Marrow's eyes, Leech, one of the few to survive the massacre, was weak and instead of defending his people he hid like a coward. Fortunately, the White Queen, who was trying to recruit Leech to her teenage mutant team Generation X, is able to thwart their efforts. However, with the intervention of the Dark Beast Marrow and Hemingway escape.

Afterwards, a team of X-Men and the Morlock Callisto confront an attack group from Gene Nation including Marrow, Hemingway, Reverb, Sack, and Vessel. In order to assure that their mission succeeds, Marrow alerts the X-Men that she has a bomb strapped to her heart. Seeing it as the only way of stopping the terrorist, Storm rips out Marrow's heart. Callisto takes the remaining members of Gene Nation back to The Hill.

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