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The Prowler is the name of three fictional characters owned by Marvel Comics.

The original Prowler character was a criminal-turned-superhero named Hobie Brown. He debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #78 (November 1969). Hobie Brown was created by Stan Lee, John Buscema and Jim Mooney, following a "suggestion" by a young John Romita, Jr.

Hobie Brown was born in the Bronx, New York. He was a bright, but angry teenage African-American who got fired from his job as a window washer. Intending to use his engineering skills for personal profit, he devised a plan to steal items while disguised as a supervillain and bring them back to his home as Hobie Brown.

However, when he donned his green and purple "Prowler" costume for the first time, he crossed paths with Spider-Man. Spider-Man vanquished and unmasked the Prowler, but realizing he was just a misunderstood kid (much like himself), he gave him advice to not throw his life away as a criminal and to redeem himself. Hobie took this advice to heart and has since become a model citizen. Hobie later impersonated Spider-Man at the hero's request to convince Peter Parker's friends that he was not Spider-Man. Hobie became convinced that Spider-Man was involved somehow in the death of police Captain George Stacy, and unsuccessfully tried to bring Spider-Man to justice. Hobie eventually married his love, Mindy S. McPherson, and settled down into a career as a construction worker.

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