Jack Hawksmoor

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Jack Hawksmoor is a fictional character, a superhero and member of The Authority in the Wildstorm Universe. He first appears in Stormwatch #37 and was created by Warren Ellis.

Hawksmoor was described in The Authority #1 as the "God of Cities" , though a 2008 solo series called him the "King of Cities" by contrast with a future race of city-empathic figures who were Gods of Cities . He was repeatedly abducted and surgically modified by humans from the 70th century as a child, as a result of which he is linked to whatever city he finds himself in. These future humans modified Hawksmoor to provide him with the ability to combat a threat from the distant future, a gestalt being that was the entire city of Kansas City from the 70th century. Hawksmoor defeated the being by merging with—and transforming—the city of Tokyo into a giant humanoid being, battling and destroying the invader. (Jenny Sparks: The Secret History of The Authority #3)

Jack Hawksmoor began quietly fighting crime in the city, later moving to strike higher, at politicians and corporations. He caught the attention of Stormwatch's Henry Bendix, who offered him a place in Stormwatch Black, the covert operations team of Stormwatch, alongside Jenny Sparks and Swift. Hawksmoor helped remove power-mad, super-powered cops, stop biological warfare in a small American city, solve the murder of ex-Stormwatch member Undertow and he personally fought and killed the insane, murderous, illegitimate son of a revered American President.

Jack had a tough time with Stormwatch, as the organization's flying fortress was simply not large enough in order to support his unique biological systems. Medical assistance was not very helpful.

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