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Darkdevil (Reilly Tyne) is a fictional character, a superhero in the "MC2" future of the Marvel Comics universe. He was created by Tom DeFalco and Pat Olliffe and first appeared in Spider-Girl #2. (November 1998)

Reilly Tyne is the son of Ben Reilly, the clone of Spider-Man, and Elizabeth Tyne. Before he reached his teens, his inherited powers began to kick in, but brought with them clonal degeneration. Kaine, the degenerated first clone of Peter Parker, found him, and placed him within a regeneration tank to slow the process. Trying to kill two birds with one stone (One; resurrect Daredevil, who had previously died saving Kaine. Two; healing Tyne.) he summoned the demon Zarathos. Zarathos attempted to possess Tyne, but he was saved by the soul of Daredevil, who drove out Zarathos, although both Daredevil's soul and a piece of the demon remained within Tyne, and he was left with a demonic appearance and certain demonic abilities.

Through meditation and concentration, he eventually learned to project a human appearance - but he now looked to be in his twenties, almost twice his actual age. Following in both of Daredevil's paths, he studied law and became an attorney, while taking on a costume bearing a resemblance to Daredevil's and using his demonic abilities to fight crime as Darkdevil. He apparently has access to at least some of Daredevil's memories, since he knows Spider-Man's secret identity.

Darkdevil has fought alongside Spider-Girl several times, as well as the semi-retired Spider-Man. Neither Spider-Man nor Spider-Girl are aware of his genetic relation to them, but Darkdevil has hinted that he owes his existence to the original Daredevil, Spider-Man, and Kaine. Mary Jane noticed Reilly at Normie and Brenda's wedding party and attempted to point out to her husband the boy that resembled him. Peter Parker cluelessly mentions that Reilly resembles Tobey Maguire , a sly nod to the Spider-Man films.

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