Demolition Man

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Demolition Man (Dennis Dunphy), also known as D-Man, is a fictional character in the .

Dennis Dunphy first appeared in The Thing #28 (October, 1985), written by Mike Carlin and illustrated by Ron Wilson. He first appeared as Demolition-Man in Captain America #328 (April 1987).

Dennis Dunphy was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. Dennis becomes an aspiring athlete who receives the strength augmentation treatments offered by Power Broker, Inc. Finding himself too strong now for normal sports, he becomes a professional wrestler and member of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation (UCWF) along with other superheroes and supervillains such as the Beyonder, the Thing, and Screaming Mimi. He refuses to throw a fight with the Thing, and was defeated by the Thing in a wrestling match. He was later mentally compelled by the Puppet Master to attack the Thing. Dunphy refuses the Power Broker's order to help kill Ms. Marvel. He revealed his addiction to the Power Broker's drug to the Thing, and went through a painful withdrawal when the Power Broker cut off his drug supply.

After the fall of the UCWF, Dunphy becomes the Demolition Man and teams up with Captain America to investigate Power Broker, Inc. His costume is intentionally designed so the body of it is a duplicate of Daredevil's first costume, and the hood is a knock-off of Wolverine's. He is successful in rescuing Captain America from Karl Malus and helping Captain America catch him. Dunphy is captured by the Power Broker and subjected to further treatments which augment his strength further but damage his heart. While under the influence of the stimulant, he went mad and attacked Captain America. Dunphy suffers a heart attack, and his second augmentation is reversed and he is hospitalized. Dunphy takes a step back from superhero activity to take over Captain America's hotline.

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