Legion (Castlevania)

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Castlevania is a video game series created and developed by Konami. The series debuted in Japan on September 26, 1986, with the release of for the Family Computer Disk System (FDS), followed by an alternate version for the MSX 2 platform on October 30. Although the MSX 2 port (localized in Europe and Brazil as Vampire Killer) was released first outside of Japan, the series did not receive wide attention outside of Japan until the FDS version was ported to cartridge format for the Nintendo Entertainment System and localized for North America and Europe releases of Castlevania in 1987. The series soon became one of Konami's flagship series.

The Castlevania titles have been released on various platforms, from early systems like the Nintendo Entertainment System to modern consoles. It has also been released for Pocket PCs and mobile phones.

The very first console title, Castlevania, released in 1986 by Konami, was a typical platform game in which the player takes the role of Simon Belmont, a descendant of the Belmont clan, a family of vampire hunters. He travels to Dracula's demonic castle, Castlevania, and fights his way through,the castle destroying Dracula himself, and the castle. Belmont's main weapon is a whip called "Vampire Killer", while the secondary weapons are powered by Hearts, found by whipping candles and other things. Common secondary weapons include a dagger, holy water or an axe.

Castlevania II features several exclusive elements, including a world map the player was free to explore and revisit. The player could also purchase supplies, equipment and weapon upgrades in several different towns. Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, released in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, while having more in common with the original NES Castlevania, included new features such as alternate paths with different stages and multiple playable characters.

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