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Waverider is a comic book superhero in the DC Comics universe. Created by Dan Jurgens, he first appeared in Armageddon 2001 #1 (1991).

Waverider was created as a character for the 1991 DC Comics event Armageddon 2001. This series had the premise that in the then-future year of 2001, one of the heroes of the fictional DC Universe would turn evil and take over the world, adopting the identity of Monarch in the process.

The series consisted of two bookend chapters and a series of annual editions of regular titles. In the first bookend, the premise for the series is outlined and the fictional history and rationale for the Waverider character is outlined.

Set in 2030 AD, it is explained that the world has been ruled for 20 years by an armored despot known only as Monarch, who has destroyed all of Earth's super-heroes. Scientist Matthew Ryder has memories of being rescued as a child from a collapsing building by an unknown superhero, and is inspired to fight back by those memories. He volunteers as a time travel test subject in hopes of traveling to the past and preventing Monarch from ever coming to exist. Though previous test subjects have died, Ryder is able to enter the timestream and is transformed into a being able to travel freely through time.

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